• Location

    We have one location located in North Park at 3235 Myrtle Ave., San Diego, California.

  • Confirmation

    We will confirm your hair growth before accepting your appointment via text. You will receive a confirmation request 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. This will enable you to give a 24 hour notice to confirm, reschedule or cancel. If you DO NOT confirm within the 24 hours we will assume you will not be making it to your appointment and therefore it WILL BE canceled.

  • Late Cancel/Late Reschedule/No Show

    We will charge a 50% fee for any no show, late cancel or late reschedule (within 24 hours) appointment for any service.

  • Appointment Times

    If you’re looking for a specific appointment and you cannot find it, please feel free to call us. Sometimes we can move things around.

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